art boatAs an International Trading Company our commitment is to provide superior services and quality products, mainly to all segments of the chemical industries, food industries, food processors, food services, wholesalers and the retail market. A strong tradition of customer satisfaction and technical innovations has made PCI one of the leading supplier of food goods and consultant services, specifically to the country of Brazil.

PCI can serve all of your international needs, from sourcing raw materials to product development, from technical support to prompt delivery. PCI is dedicated to serving individual clients' needs and achieving specific clients' goals, even in the smallest shrinking global village, where understanding subtle cultural contexts can make or break sales and marketing efforts.

art planeIn order to be successful in any given market you must understand the insight into doing business in that country, such as language, protocol negotiation skills, and the policies between government and private industry. PCI International's proven expertise in the field of trading, financing, international project development, makes us eligible to understand the impact that a political environment can have on international commercial negotiations.

PCI also has the expertise and experience to overcome challenges that arise while pursuing international business opportunities. PCI offers proven expertise to corporations, states or governments interested in maintaining, expanding, or pursuing new international markets through investment, project development, barters, trade finance, and joint-ventures. PCI has successfully engaged in projects where the following items were traded and/or projects implemented:

1. Desiccated Coconut 6. Rice 11. Ethanol Distillery
2. Sugar 7. Meat Products 12. Production Chemicals
3. Molasses 8. Specialty Baking Mixtures 13. Agricultural Programs Implementation
4. Specialty Cocoas 9. Dehydrated Vegetables 14. Co-Packing Projects
5. Dehydrated Beans 10. Dehydrated Potatoes

15. Private Label Market Development


PCI also has the expertise in the shipping of all types of products and commodities. Working with PCI, we can offer you bulk cargo, full container load, LCL, and charter of vessels. Providing assurance that all PCI's client's cargo will go from point A to point B, is part of our ability to deliver what we promise. Transportation is one of the most important aspects of international trading. Therefore, you can be assured that your goods will be at its destination at the right time when you depend on PCI International, Inc.